It’s never good when a player gets injured, especially when it’s a player for your own team. 

Except in this case.

I wouldn’t say that if it was a career-threatening injury or a really serious one. JaVale will be back and 100% before the year is out.

So allow me to say this on behalf of Denver fans: JaVale, sit tight. Listen to your body. Don’t rush things.

Denver Nuggets fans should look forward to not saying “we’re paying this guy $10 million a year for how long?” 20 times a game for the next few weeks. Be thankful.

Because JaVale has been just awful this year. Small sample, I know, but wasn’t this the year he was supposed to turn things around? Be one of the best centers in the league? How about just above average?

The stats speak for the themselves. He has more than 10 points in a game once this year. He has more than 3 rebounds once. He is averaging less rebounds per game than Ty Lawson (after extensive research, I found that JaVale is taller than Lawson, as well). And, in my mind most damagingly, opponents are shooting 61.9% at the rim when he’s on the floor. That’s not a rough start, that’s just abysmal.

The second reason JaVale can take his time is that this draft class is just incredible. 57 wins to lottery isn’t so much a fall from grace as a speed-of-light plummet. But if it’s going to happen, let it happen this year. 

Denver is just simply not that good a basketball team, especially now that 2 of its 3 highest earning players attend games in street clothes. I believe in Brian Shaw, and I still believe he can help JaVale become…well, I’ve lost hope in best center in the league, but maybe a double-double player with 2.5 blocks is realistic? Surely?

Simply put, if Brian Shaw can get through to Lance Stephenson, he can get through to JaVale.

But back to the draft class. There are so many can’t miss options in this class Denver would be fools to make a run at the playoffs this year. Would you, Nuggets fans, rather have another first-round exit to the Thunder, if you get there, or one of these guys?